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plot twist: the subban and staal brothers band together to take over the nhl one team at a time

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Anonymous: What happened to not showing your bias to any team? Take your fucking celebrations to your personal blog. Unfollowing you.

when did we claim to not show bias we do that all the time it’s a feature of this blog which is a joke blog by the way

normally we don’t respond to anon hate- honestly, 23 don’t get much, but this was a good opportunity for a mini psa. so. enjoy the rest of your day, everyone! <3

plot twist: the lockout never ended. this is all just a dream.

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plot twist: a team that starts the season 2-8-1 clinched their division title today OH WAIT THAT JUST HAPPENED

plot twist: someone says something bad about alex ovechkin that is actually true

plot twist: columbus blue jackets vs. toronto maple leafs stanley cup playoffs 2013

plot twist: the nhl doesn’t give out the stanley cup this year, but instead gives the winning team one of sidney crosby’s knocked out teeth

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plot twist: jarome iginla was traded to the boston bruins

plot twist: zenon konopka declares peace on the rest of the NHL.